22 November , 2017


When you partner with Kaapp.com , you are associating yourself with the best affiliate software and management company in the industry. We strive to help you and, most importantly, your affiliates succeed.

We select our publishers based on a unique fit into our network, which will benefit both affiliates and advertisers. The affiliates receive the highest possible performing offers to maximize revenue, and the advertisers receive traffic from only the best publishers, and get both quality and volume in their leads/sales.

We track and report on every ad or sale in the network, manage affiliate payments, and provide services and tools to help affiliates and merchants maximize their performance.

Kaapp.com allows you to compensate your affiliates in more ways than other programs. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Percentage of Each Sale
  • Percentage of the Profit
  • A Bounty Per Sale
  • Per Registration/Per Form
  • Base Price With Set Your Own Pricing
  • Per Click

Make your site more profitable today.


  • Increased Traffic and Sales
  • Access to a Pool of Quality Members
  • Top Notch Customer Service
  • Low Customer Acquisition Costs
  • Grow Current Affiliate Base
  • Fast Integration
  • Experienced Affiliate Management
  • Powerful Software
  • Web Based Management
  • Real Time Reporting

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